Talent? Yes. Hours of practice? You bet.

Seeing this video of a little boy playing Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", it is tempting to say, "Wow! That kid is so talented. I wish I (or my kids) had that kind of talent."

Yes, this child has a tremendous ear. But the thing is, his ear has been developed. His fine motor skills have been refined. How? Hours and hours of practice every week (initiated by Barrett himself) plus an average of two to three lessons per week.

Barrett's parents aren't professional musicians. They don't even care if he becomes a musician. They only saw a few green shoots of a natural inclination coming up through the soil, and decided to nurture them by providing him with access to a piano, music to listen to, and skilled teachers.

What's kind of cool is that he is an Eclectic Music student, and he has really found a home here. Sometimes Barrett will stop by after preschool and just hang out for awhile, playing various instruments and jamming with whichever teachers or students happen to be around. It's pure fun, although since Barrett has two younger siblings it takes some logistical creativity on the part of his mom to make it happen.

It takes time, energy, and sacrifice to support a young musician, and it takes consistent effort on the part of the student to make music. You see this video, and you see only a five-year-old "prodigy" playing Mozart. It looks like magic. I promise you it takes passion, dedication, and plain old hard work to make it look that easy no matter how old you are.

We should all find something in life to get so excited about that we get up early or stay up late to do it, the way Barrett does with music. If there's anything to be wistful about here, it is to wish we could have found our life's passion at age four. But at whatever age you find it, follow Barrett's example and get down to business. After all, he does have a bit of a head start.