How to play a melody by ear

"You guys, what's that bit that comes after, 'Well, I'm not the world's most physical guy..." (Cornell University Library)

If you'd like to be able to play piano by ear, you need to train your fingers to play what they "hear."

No one thinks it's all that amazing to be able to hear a tune and sing it back accurately - it's just what the muscles that control your voice are trained to do. Over time, your fingers will gain enough experience to do this as well.

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The first melody pattern your child will naturally learn

Per Kodály, it's "sol, mi." That's the start of "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and "This Old Man," among others.

Use sol-mi to make up little songs around the house - sing your child's name, sing about what you're doing, what you see, and so on. Make your voice high, light, and sing-songy. Children, even babies, can't help but imitate you.