Guitar Technique Tips for Young Beginners (with video!)

If you're a parent or teacher working with a guitar student under the age of ten, this video is for you!

Here, I'll demonstrate some things to look out for in order to make sure that young guitarists are building the strongest possible technical foundation for their playing.

Older students can sometimes fudge technique, but getting anywhere on the guitar is pretty much impossible for little kids who don't have solid skills.

Quick Outline

If you're unable to watch the video, here's the least you need to know:


  • Make sure you have a music stand
  • A stool is preferable to a chair
  • No dangling feet
  • Keep the neck of the guitar up - try putting the guitar on the left leg, classical style

Left Hand Tips

  • Play right next to the fret
  • Maintain firm fingertips
  • "One fret per finger" when possible
  • Keep fingers down when moving up on the same string
  • Hover, don't fly away

Right Hand Tips

  • Strum across sound hole
  • Strum in an arc
  • Play gently
  • Keep elbow in the correct place

Proper technique is not about picky little details. Good technique just makes playing easier, and allows each new piece of music to build on the previous one instead of making you start from scratch each time.

Thanks for watching! If you have some additional technique tips for young guitarists, please let us know in the comments!